Max The Parrot

Matt looked after Max the parrot for a week and in this time really bonded with him as you can see in this video.

Speaking about Max, Matt said: “I cannot believe how intelligent he is and since looking after him I have read all about the African parrot and realised they are one of the most intelligent birds in the world.”

In the video you will hear the parrot copying Matt’s voice within the space of a week!

It’s unconfirmed whether Max will be appearing on the next Honey Ryder record.

Lindsay’s Motherhood Playlist

Lindsay compiled a playlist full of songs inspired by motherhood. Click here to listen, and read a little more about the tracks she chose below.

1. Rufus Is A Tit Man – Loudon Wainright III

A comical folk song about when Loudon’s now adult son, Rufus Wainright, was a baby breastfeeding. Brilliantly witty lyrics and an amusing and ironic title for the song especially considering Rufus’s sexual orientation! Take a listen

2. This Woman’s Work – Kate Bush

Kate Bush wrote this song specifically for a scene in the film ‘She’s Having A Baby’ – it’s about a man whose wife is having complications during childbirth. The melody as well as the lyrics and meaning behind them is extremely emotive.

3. Wires – Athlete

I absolutely LOVED this song from the minute I heard it, and before I even properly understood the lyrics. The words are about a baby who starts his life in intensive care and describes how the parents are feeling about the situation. Once I realised what it was about, I found it hard to listen to without a tear in my eye, and especially now I’ve had children – I can empathise with them even more.

4. Medicine – Honey Ryder

This track was written by Martyn Shone – with whom I originally started the band. It’s about post-natal depression – but from a man’s perspective. He’s struggling to cope with a new baby as well as a wife who is suffering – in the middle of the night when he’s feeding the baby he feels like he’s the only person up – and reflects on what life used to be like.

5. I’m The Only Hell (My Mama Ever Raised) – Johnny Paycheck

I just love the title of this song, along with the rest of the lyrics. It has the clever ‘Nashville’ storytelling appeal and doesn’t take itself seriously

6. Mama Tried – Merle Haggard

This is a 60’s autobiographical track later covered by Joan Baez about the artist’s experience in prison and about how his mother had tried to keep him on the straight and narrow. Again interesting storytelling lyrics

7. Road to Hell – Chris Rea

I had to have this track as it was on the radio when my second son Ozzie was being delivered… hopefully not an omen for the future!

8. Mama – The Spice Girls

One of the cheesier tracks amongst this collection, but it’s the way I feel about my mum and fingers crossed my sons will feel the same way. It’s a feel good happy song but still quite poignant

9. Coat Of Many Colors – Dolly Parton

There’s a clip on YouTube of Dolly managing to play guitar very competently despite her long fingernails which I just love! She’s singing about her poverty-stricken childhood and how her mother had made a coat from different rags which she loved. Another genius storyteller.

10. In My Daughter’s Eyes – Martina McBride

I love the lyrics in this song…

In my daughter’s eyes I am a hero
I am strong and wise and I know no fear
But the truth is plain to see she was sent to rescue me
I see who I wanna be in my daughter’s eyes

Jason’s Playlist

Jason compiled another playlist full of songs he’s listening to at the moment. Click here to listen, and read a little more about each track below.

1. Labelled With Love – Squeeze

Always loved this song after hearing it when I was a kid. It’s about a woman who falls for an American pilot in the second World War who then moves to Texas to start a family, but eventually returns back to England as an old lady after her husband dies of alcohol abuse. Guess it’s really about loneliness and how the old often get forgotten. Great visual lyrics by Chris Difford and Glenn Tillbrook, how about that for an up-lifter to start with!

2. American Girl – Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers

This is just a great feel good song. I remember first hearing this track while watching a live video of the band in the ’80s called Pack Up The Plantation – it’s one of the best gigs I’ve seen. They had a horn section at the time and two really cute backing singers as I remember, ah it takes me back… Great guitaring by Mike Campbell, really love his style of playing, and of course Tom’s brilliant melodies and lyrics.

3. Brothers In Arms – Dire Straits

Still one of my favourite songs and albums of all time. I heard that Mark rewired his guitar in some really weird way to get that sound from his Les Paul, one for you techies! Just one of the most moving guitar solos I’ve ever heard, in context to the lyrics that talk about the futility of war. This is just a brilliant track.

4. Cult Of Personality – Living Color

This song blew my mind when I first heard it, didn’t realise a guitar could sound like that – the solo played by guitarist virtuoso Vernon Reid sounds like two pairs of hands playing at the same time! The album was like a breath of fresh air when it was released, against a backdrop of glam rock that seemed to be everywhere at the time. Tremendous musicianship, vocals and thought provoking lyrics are all over this album.

5. The One That Got Away – The Civil Wars

Great song from the new Civil Wars album, literally just got this yesterday. It’s about a fading relationship and a lovers longing to recapture that initial fire. Really took me by surprise when I saw this as the duo famously abruptly cut their European tour short amidst a backdrop of musical differences. Thought the first album was amazing and as I’m digesting this I reckon this record could become just as big as the first. Really hope they get back together, it would be a great loss to music if they didn’t!

6. Red Alert – Basement Jaxx

This song has FUNKY tattooed all across it from the opening slap bass line through to the end! Think Basement Jaxx are two of the most innovative producers in this genre of music, they just have an amazing ear for blending the most unlikely of sounds together. It’s just a total treat to listen to their songs, this still sounds as fresh as it did in the late nineties. Banging! 🙂

7. The Real Thing – Faith No More

I remember rocking out to this song throughout the early nineties, think they have to be one of the most exciting bands of that decade! I loved their blend of funk, thrash metal and I guess punk, also like how lead singer, Mike Patton sounds a bit like Elmer Fudd on this, ha! This was his first album recording with the band after replacing original FNM singer Chuck Moseley. Chuck was apparently sacked after allegedly breaking (the drummer) Mike Borden’s arms, not one for Chuck’s CV I guess. Total high energy choruses with subtle laid back verses, amazing rhythm section in this band.

8. Both Sides Now – Joni Mitchell

It’s an amazing talent when someone can express so much with just one acoustic guitar and one vocal, no overdubs or additional instruments. Joni does this beautifully I think in this original version of Both Sides Now which is taken from her second studio album, Clouds. This song has been covered by every man and his dog but I reckon this is still the best. Well actually the Glen Campbell one was pretty cool too but you know what I’m trying to say:)

9. 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover – Paul Simon

From Paul Simon’s 1975 album Still Crazy After All These Years this is about a guy who’s contemplating splitting from a relationship and mulling it over with a girl who he ends up sleeping with. Really witty lyrics in this, I admire the way Paul has an ability to connect with his words. At times he can make it humorous – he always creates strong images in your mind when ever you listen to his songs. He’s written so many amazing tracks over the years but this one always gets my foot tapping, great tune!

10. I Need You Tonight – ZZ top

This is my final choice, taken from the 1984 album Eliminator, I Need You Tonight wasn’t a commercial release in the UK but this one stands out for me. It’s just such a chilled out track. From the moment Billy Gibbons hits that first note I’m taken away to guitar heaven!! Hypnotic drums and bass with a splash of Rhodes piano, I bloody love this song. Jimi Hendrix once said that Billy was his favourite guitarist and I can see why.

Blog from Lindsay

So I’ve got four weeks left before my second little boy makes his debut appearance and I’m counting down the days, because quite frankly I’m over this pregnancy lark. Just little things like cutting toenails and putting underwear on are proving more than tricky. The one thing I’m managing to do and loving is recording vocals albeit with the aid of a comfy chair and a special cushion for people with coccyx problems. So rock’n’roll I hear you cry!! The bump is being exposed to all the new Honey Ryder tracks at full volume as well as Radio 1/2 and Absolute in the car. I wonder if he’ll be crazy about music or tone deaf and disinterested because of it? Only time will tell…

The boys came into the studio with me this week and we recorded vocals for a new track which has got a strong party vibe. This meant having to create a party atmosphere in the live room at LA Sound without booze or party attendees, just the 3 of us and a microphone. I tell you what, we went so crazy I almost fell off my stool with excitement! We look forward to you hearing the end result of our off the scale party antics.

Last week I was invited to take part as a judge for a Smooth Radio competition ‘Best Boss in Britain’ 2013. There were thousands of entries but our part in the process was to whittle about 80 down to our favourite 10 – this took some doing as the competition was strong. It was quite heartening to read how passionately a lot of people feel about their jobs/bosses, it seemed to prove the point that you don’t have to be an right royal @***hole to be huge achiever. You can actually be thoughtful and kind hearted and still be productive and successful! Anyway it was an interesting experience and you can still vote online if you go to the Smooth Radio website.

Recording ‘Marley’s Chains’ helped me get through the last few weeks of my pregnancy with Max, and it seems this new album is providing the same diversion and inspiration. We’re on a writing/recording roll and long may it continue – well maybe not that long as it would be rather nice to actually release the album methinks.

Lastly, I wanted to add that any male baby name ideas would be gratefully accepted as we’re still pondering. Apart from George, that’s been taken apparently.

Video blog from Jason

Hi everyone, it’s been a busy one for Honey Ryder over the past couple of weeks with the tour and working in the studio on our new material.

We’ve been hard at it again over the last few days recording vocals and extra guitars, plus we’ve also started writing a couple more potential tracks for the album, it feels like the momentum is really picking up as we move forward!!

This week we’ve decided to do a video blog so I’ve filmed a clip of me in the home studio twiddling away with a bit of background to what I’m playing, the techniques I’m using and where the inspiration came from for the music.

Hope you like it.

Until the next time, look after yourselves.



Playlist from Matt

Hi guys, it’s Matt here. I made a playlist of songs I’ve been listening to recently for you to enjoy, click here to hear it on Spotify and check out my thoughts on each of the tracks below.

1. Give Life Back to Music – Daft Punk
This is the opening track of the most recent album I have purchased and is one of my favourites on there. I am a big disco/funk fan and love it how Daft Punk are bringing that style back.

2. Queen of California – John Mayer
John Mayer is a big inspiration of mine, I am heavily influenced by his guitar playing and his songwriting. This is one of my favourite tracks from his latest album ‘Born & Raised.’

3. So Many Faces – Jarle Bernhoft
What can I say about this guy!!!???!! This is a guy who should be bigger than he is. For me, this is perfect music, the album has hints of soul, funk, rock, pop, jazz! Jarle Bernhoft is a Norwegian singer/songwriter. This is a track from one of his solo albums on which he is playing almost every instrument and I think he has one of the best voices in the world.

4. Everybody Dance – Chic
I recently went to see Chic in concert and am currently listening to lots of disco music so I had to put one of theirs in this playlist. This is such an uplifting track that gets everyone in a good mood and ready to dance!

5. Stay With Me – Bernhoft
Here is a track from Bernhoft’s second solo album. This is such an amazing song and the production is fantastic.

6. Minds Without Fear – Imogen Heap
Imogen Heap never fails to release great singles and this is one of them. She is always pushing the boundaries and this time she has collaborated with Vishal Shekar to get some middle eastern influence in there. She produces everything herself and programs or plays all of the instruments herself.

7. Weather In My Head
One of my favourite bands are Steely Dan so here is a track from Donald Fagen’s solo album. There is some great guitar playing on this track and I always love Fagen’s production whether it’s his solo stuff or the band’s.

8. Tennessee Plates – Joe Bonamassa
Here is a track from Joe Bonamassa’a new album this track features John Hiatt. I am influenced by Bonamassa’s guitar playing and have always been a fan of Hiatt’s song writing so it’s great to hear a collaboration. Plus to top it off the drummer and bassist on this track are Chad Cromwell and Michael Rhodes these were part of the Honey Ryder session band in Nashville earlier this year!!!

9. Cut Like Diamonds – Span
Span are a band that not many people are familiar with as they are not together anymore and didn’t quite break through to the mainstream. They are a rock band from Norway and Jarle Bernhoft is the lead singer/lead guitarist and songwriter. This was his band before his solo career and this is one of my favourite rock songs.

10. How Sweet It Is – James Taylor
I have had to learn this track recently to play at a gig for someone and I am a huge James Taylor fan but since learning the song I really appreciate how good it is.

‘Live At Cornbury EP’ – Out Now

A new Honey Ryder EP has been released to whet your appetite until the band’s new album.

The ‘Live At Cornbury EP’ contains four fan favourites recorded live last year, and is available to download right now on iTunes.

The tracklisting for the EP is as follows:

Marley’s Chains
Never Say Never
Worlds Away
You Can’t Say That

Click here to get your copy of the EP right now.

Blog From Lindsay

Last week was a week to remember for Honey Ryder – we started our tour on Tuesday in Birmingham at The Hare and Hounds, a cracking venue, although due to the amazing weather it was doing a good impression of a sauna! The band as well as the crowd were melting into puddles on the floor and I ended up with my black eye make-up running down my face which wasn’t the best look, but who cares – we loved trying out our new material and the audience were warm and responsive which made the failed Gothic look all worth it.

Next stop was Surya in London’s Kings Cross where Martyn Shone (friend and founder of Honey Ryder along with myself) joined us on stage to play ‘Numb’ and ‘You Can’t Say That’. Gina Mellotte also joined us for backing vocals on ‘Worlds Away’ – we love friends and fans getting up to play with us so make sure you make yourself known if you’re a budding musician as you might well be hauled up on stage to shake your lemon at the next gig!

The Castle in the heart of Manchester was our next target – a brilliantly quirky and characterful venue, much like playing in someone’s front room. Again, hot and stuffy but full of atmosphere and the crowd got involved singing ‘Marley’s Chains’ with us. One of the best things about gigging is getting to mix with the fans afterwards, people who have shown a lot of loyalty towards us – good to finally meet them in the flesh and have a good old chinwag.

Friday took us to Liverpool to the Shipping Forecast. Before soundcheck we couldn’t resist a quick trip to the Beatles museum by The Mersey along with some cheeky Thai grub on the terrace restaurant above it. The boys enjoyed people watching – there seems to be no end of glamourous ladies in that neck of the woods and due to the weather, scantily clad would be a good description… but enough about the Scouse eye candy and back to the matter at hand – the gig itself! Again, hot and sweaty, but a very vibey place and we got a real buzz from the crowd and their reaction.

Sunday afternoon we got the fantastic opportunity to play a festival in Matt’s home town of Stone, Staffordshire. It was a great feeling to see the whole of the High Street swarming with people and also to have such a large audience sing along to our tracks.

Being 7 months preggers I may not have been quite as sprightly as usual – but I wouldn’t have changed the experience for the world – it was exhilarating and worth every minute. Thank you to all the fantastic artists who supported us and to everyone who came along to see us play – roll on the next tour!

New Honey Ryder T-shirt

Honey Ryder have added some new merch to the online store.

Be sure to check out the black vintage t-shirt if you’re after some new summer wear to keep you looking and feeling cool as the weather warms up.

There are two styles available of this cream coloured print on black. The mens comes in a round neck and ladies have a V-neck.

Check out some of the other items in the official Honey Ryder online store here.

Blog From Lindsay

Last week I spent a couple of days recording vocals for 2 new tracks that we wrote in Nashville, one with Blair Daly and one with Tom Douglas (who wrote ‘I Run To You’, one of Lady Antebellum’s hits).

Recording vocals is definitely the highlight for me of the album making process – once you’ve got a good take it’s a great feeling to know its committed to tape forever, or computer should I say. It’s obviously important to find the right emotion for the song and to sing from the heart – if it doesn’t come easily it can get frustrating but I guess the more challenging it is, the more satisfying the result. I have so much faith in Jon’s ability to produce our tracks in exactly the way we want them which makes the whole recording process a real thrill.

Can’t wait to play these tracks live on our tour.

On Tuesday I went to the Smooth Radio London studios to be interviewed for a documentary they are making about Nashville. They are including some really big players like Lady A, Tim McGraw and Rascall Flatts so it was a real honour to be invited to take part. Whilst I was there I bumped into David Jensen and Pat Sharp, both great blokes and real supporters of Honey Ryder. I was expecting to see Kid Jensen in the Honey Ryder T-shirt he was keen to get his paws on at the Smooth Radio Love Live Music gig. Maybe he saves it for special occasions… like the gym!

We’re currently having our last holiday before baby no.2 arrives in September and despite starting the trip with a toddler meltdown on the plane it’s been a really relaxing time. Tweeted Tony Blackburn as he sat at the next table to us in a restaurant but he didn’t tweet back. He then tweeted the next day about his ‘live’ show in Kent at 4pm – the power of technology! xx