C2C at THE O2!

Blimey – what a weekend! Our experience at C2C was everything we hoped and wanted it to be. We started off the proceedings by performing an acoustic set in front of a live audience at NY-LON, courtesy of the organisers of C2C. We sang three tracks and were then interviewed…however when the next act failed to show up….we got to squeeze in another three songs for good measure.

But playing at The Brooklyn Bowl in front of a crowd of 1000 in the afternoon really took the biscuit…..an amazingly warm and attentive crowd, and superb sound on stage as well as front of house created a total buzz for all involved….LOVIN IT!

After several interviews, several more beers and a good night sleep we got to play the Town Square stage on the Sunday which was as good an atmosphere as the previous day with lots of music enthusiasts in the audience all out for a good time. We had a ball performing and hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did!

C2C at The O2 is a fantastic event that seems to be growing and improving each year – and we were totes thrilled to be a part of it – ROLL ON C2C 2017 baby!

IMG_2171 IMG_2173 IMG_2188 IMG_2167PS Icing on the cake had to be bumping into Charles Esten backstage (Aka, Deacon Claybourne from the hit TV series ‘Nashville’). What a lovely guy….and rather easy on the eye….this is Lindsay’s blog by the way but I have to say, Matt is admittedly a very big fan…..



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