Happy New Year

Happy New Year to u all! Hope everyone had a cracking festive period and that you’re looking forward to the coming year. So far, 2015’s been pretty exciting for us….we can’t divulge at the moment, so watch this space! (Hint:- some very cool festival dates to announce)…..but in the meantime, we can let you know that we’re playing The Acoustic Festival of Britain on Sunday 21st June in Uttoxeter and The Wildwood Festival in Lincolnshire on August 23rd. Some we’ll be playing full band, some performances will be stripped back – we promise to entertain either way!

We’re currently planning our strategy for the next few months. In Feb we’re filming a couple of acoustic tracks to put on our website, we’re aiming to release our first single in March and we’re also on the road to finishing a brand new track and have started writing several more for what will be our fourth album.

Our pledge campaign was a great success and we thank everyone who took part. All the products pledged for have been sent out and the events booked in. We’re looking forward to playing lots of private parties for people this year, including living room gigs and we’re meeting several fantastic fans at the end of January in our studio (LA Sound). We’ll be chatting, listening to our music (they’ll hopefully get an exclusive listen to the new track if it’s ready!)and drinking bubbly…in fact we’ll probably end up in the pub as every good evening should.

Another date for the diary is Monday 11th May – if you live anywhere near Watford, come see us play at The Horns. I grew up in the area and went to Watford Grammar (along with the spicy Geri Helliwell no less) and I’ve always wanted to play that venue, so now we are. Marvellous.

Love Lindz, Jase and Matt.xxx

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