Hi folks

Not long now ’til the C2C Festival comes to town – don’t forget that all the pop-up stages are FREE people!…….we’ve been rehearsing this week in preparation for our full band set on the 7th and our acoustic set on the 8th. Looking forward to performing a live set for Radio 2 on Saturday – what an honour to play for the one and only Bob Harris – as well as catching all the other fantastic acts, eating, drinking and generally having ourselves a swell time.

On Sunday we went to Northamptonshire where the company AUDEN are based and recorded a couple of tracks using their beautiful new guitars – a real treat. We’re hoping to extend our guitar collection at a later date……

Check out our Facebook page and website for all the new live gig dates we’ve got coming up (a few more have been announced this week) – but in the meantime, I have a warning for Jase and Matt: don’t be tempted to wear an Armani Madonna-esque bullfighter’s cape on stage with huge heels at C2C. Potentially hazardous.

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