Ireland here we come

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Us on stage at the Rock and Bowl Festival…great crowd…good times!

Hi folks

We’ve had a cracking few weeks gearing up for festival season and it all kicked off today at the Rock and Bowl Festival in Market Drayton. A cloudy day for the most part but lo and behold the sun came out five minutes into our set which gave a beautiful glow to the glorious Shropshire countryside. Half way through the set I was given a flower made out of balloons by the local clown/balloonmaker man which was a nice touch……I asked for the local delicacy of gingerbread to be thrown on stage for me but noone was forthcoming.

On Tuesday we played a set at The Horns, a pub in Watford with a rich musical history, a venue I’d never got the chance to play despite growing up in the area. It had a kind of Nashville-esque feeling to it and the crowd were fab – we loved having various audience members up on stage with us, including Martyn with whom I started the band who accompanied us on ‘Coming Around Again’ from our first album, and also my brother in law – who drummed for me at my first gig (a ball at Watford Town Hall many many moons ago). Great venue, great night.

So next on the list is a flight to Belfast on Wednesday to appear live on The Nolan Show (hosted by Steve Nolan) on BBC1 Northern Ireland. We’ll be performing ‘Drink With Me’…and will no doubt find a little time for some Guinness appreciation whilst we there. ….there might not be so much whiskey left in the jar by Thursday is all I’m saying…..

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