January 2016

Well it’s been a cracking year so far…..ok, I know it’s only January 27th, but we’ve been on the B-list at Radio 2 and we’ve had 3 great gigs in Stone, Torquay and last night, London which have left us buzzing…
Playing at The Swan in Stone was an intimate and cosy gig with a roaring fire (that almost set my sequins on fire at one point) and a really fun audience….Performing at Midwinterfest was an utter joy, we were looked after so well by Alan West and co, fantastic venue/crowd and then to get to have a cheeky lime cordial and hang out with some fellow musicians was the icing on the cake….

So onto last night and The Troubadour in Fulham, West London. The venue oozes music from its veins having had people like Mr Hendrix play in there….great atmosphere, again a ‘whites of the eyes’ kind of place, and an amazingly appreciative audience. Now onto Kent and Essex in Feb….good times.

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